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prior authorization

Prior authorization bill seeks to address ‘cumbersome’ processA bipartisan bill introduced in Congress in January could help improve patient care while saving doctors time by allowing for electronic prior authorizations of Medicare Part D prescriptions.
Fixing a Broken System with TechnologyTechnology can help patients who need specialty pharmacy medications get them faster by streamlining the processes involved.
Prior authorization is an occupational hazard"It's an occupational hazard now. I've been diagnosed with 'Prior Authorization Elbow.'"
How a New Technology Can Keep Pharmacists in the Front LinesSurescripts has unveiled a new prescription benefit and prior authorization solution.
Urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, thinks it may be time to bring patients into the prior authorization process.
The payer time drain: dealing with prior authorizationsDespite recent moves to streamline the prior authorization process, physicians still struggle mightily as they jump through payers’ hoops.
A Precision for Value survey highlights what can be done in order to encourage payers to ease coverage policies for these drugs in the next wave of HCV treatment.
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2017
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2017For the fourth consecutive year, Medical Economics reveals its list of obstacles physicians will face in the coming year and, more importantly, how to overcome them.
Here’s how one non-profit health plan harnessed the power of medical and pharmacy data to rein in drug costs.
12 strategies to improving prior authorizations