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Do you suffer from acne, sensitive skin conditions, night sweats or just find it difficult to get to sleep – if so we have something a little different to the norm for you to consider – DermaTherapy Therapeutic Bedding.

Acne – DermaTherapy fabric is specially woven to be silky smooth to reduce irritation and it draws moisture away reducing the risk of the skin sticking to the fabric. This is important as irritation of the skin by excessive sweating has been linked to worsening acne. There is also a special coating on the fabric which kills bacteria on . It doesn’t leak onto your skin but it does help prevent the build-up of bacteria such as p. Acnes which has been linked to inflammation on the skin of acne sufferers. What can be easier than treating your acne while you sleep? A recent study shows a 49% reduction in inflammatory lesions just by sleeping on a different pillow case!

Eczema – DermaTherapy bedding provides a calming environment for itchy skin while you sleep. Afterall, if you look after your skin by applying emollients during the day why not also give your skin the protection it deserves while you’re sleeping offering twenty four hours of comfort and care. An 8 week clinical study showed a reduction in severity of eczema, improved skin appearance and a better night’s sleep just by sleeping on different bedding. It is also the only bedding to receive FDA Approval for use with sensitive skin conditions so whilst it looks like everyday bedding it does carry Medical Device status.

Night Sweats - Night sweats brought on by conditions such as menopause can make sheets damp, clammy, and uncomfortable. Clinical trials show that DermaTherapy smart technology bedding offers relief from hot flushes and night sweats by reducing dampness and clamminess, resulting in a better night's sleep.

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