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World AIDS Day 2017

Shared decision-making in HIV care lackingPatients with HIV report having little involvement in their care decisions, but many also report feeling too poorly educated about the options to want the choice.
Primary care is key for containing the next wave in HIV infectionsPrimary care may hold the key when it comes to early surveillance and treatment of new HIV infections.
New training track may aid primary care residents with HIV managementDeclining numbers of physicians are entering infectious disease care, but patients with HIV are living longer. A new report proposes a different kind of training track.
Is the UN’s goal to end AIDS by 2030 realistic?While some third-world nations are making great strides, recent reports suggest massive funding efforts are yielding small results in other parts of the world.
Holistic care, behavior contracts improve HIV patient outcomesTwo new reports investigate the impact of behaviors and comorbidities and how they affect health outcomes in HIV patients.
Study investigates causes of and remedies for HIV care disruptionsMany patients with HIV experience interruptions in care at some point in their disease.
World AIDS Day: Addressing comorbidities, resurgence and stigmasHIV/AIDS management has come a long way, but there is still work to do to support patients with what is now a chronic disease.
Gene editing shows promise as curative treatment for HIVAntiretrovirals have done a good job in halting the progression of HIV to AIDS, but new gene editing technologies could result in a cure.