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This is why value-based care is not going away this yearValue-based care has maintained broad support, even in the highly partisan atmosphere in Washington
5 reasons why your EHR isn't enough for success in value-based care
5 reasons why your EHR isn't enough for success in value-based care. Keeping in mind that the core mandate of value-based care is shifting accountability to providers for the holistic quality and cost of the care they deliver, five shortcomings of legacy EHRs become apparent.
The definitive guide to sustained patient engagementThe push for value-based healthcare—higher quality, better access, and lower cost—has opened up the door for technology to automate elements of care at a much lower cost.
Addressing hypertension can aid value-based scoresNew, lower blood pressure guidelines could result in more diagnoses, greater need for treatment
Physicians struggling to hold onto independenceWe are teasing each challenge and how it has affected the healthcare industry. Read on to find out how physicians have been struggling this year to remain independent in the face of value-based care initiatives
Find out what worked for this value-based physician and hospital network and Accountable Care Organization in Massachusetts.
3 helpful solutions to value-based care obstaclesUsing technology tools the right way can yield positive results
Value-based Rx: How physicians can manage affordability, adherence
Value-based Rx: How physicians can manage affordability, adherenceFor doctors, the price of prescription drugs used to be largely a medical concern: Patients wouldn’t get better if they couldn’t afford to fill their prescriptions. But with Medicare’s growing emphasis on value-based care, many physicians now also have a financial stake in ensuring that patients can pay for the medications they need.
Physicians, patients must unite for major healthcare changeFor physicians, the main concern isn’t deciphering what a payer—government or commercial—feels is “quality” or collecting the data to prove the metrics are being met. The overarching question is whether this is really good for patients.
Fighting Back: Top tips for physicians to take on value-based careCome out swinging for patients.