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Research team moves toward clinical trials of HIV vaccineScientists at Oregon Health & Science University have found a way to reprogram immune cells to recognize and attack early HIV infection.
Personalizing flu may boost vaccine compliance ratesTelling stories about people like them, or reminding them of a previous illness may be the best thing physicians can do to nudge patients toward flu shots.
Research team uses Google to predict disease outbreaksA new study reveals that Google can also show places where mandatory vaccination is in place to reduce preventable diseases.
Soil bacterium could help combat stress, psychiatric problemsResearchers are testing a new type of immunization, using a bacterium found in soil, to help trigger the body’s defenses vs. stress and psychiatric disorders.
Morning vaccinations may boost immune responseTime of day may be the key to improve vaccine efficacy, particularly in populations with poor immune responses according to a new report.
Chitosan could boost body’s immune response to vaccinesA substance gleaned from the shells of crustaceans may hold the key to harnessing the power of the immune system to create new vaccines against diseases.
Report: Medicare coverage of adult vaccines is lackingA new report alleges that commercial plans provide better coverage than Medicare when it comes to vaccinations.
Researchers prepare to test Cuban lung cancer vaccineA lung cancer vaccine reportedly costing around $1 in Cuba that more than doubles life expectancies is on its way to clinical trials in the U.S.
CDC recommends MenB, HPV vaccines for adultsThe CDC has updated its adult immunization schedule, with changes to pneumonia vaccine recommendations, as well as new options to fight MenB and HPV.
Vaccine could prevent Alzheimer’s-inducing plaquesUC San Diego researchers are testing a new vaccine that they think could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.