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CDC announces 2016-17 flu vaccine changesThe CDC reaffirms its decision to pull the intranasal vaccine, but allow vaccination in egg-allergic individuals.
Coding, careful planning can reduce vaccine-associated lossesPractices that scrutinize vaccine costs and plan ahead may not make much off of vaccinations, but could cut some of their losses.
NIH closes in on development of a universal flu vaccineNew research confirms that humans can make antibodies to neutralize several strains of influenza A, according to new study.
Study: All celiac patients should get pneumococcal vaccineMore susceptible to community-acquired pneumonia, researchers advise those with celiac disease to get vaccinated.
Top vaccination errors—and how to avoid them
7 strategies to maintain a successful vaccine programA practice’s immunization program requires constant attention and oversight. Here are seven best practices to consider.
Top 5 tips to improve your practice's vaccine processKeep patients—and your practice’s bottom line—healthy with these suggestions for a successful immunization program.
How to improve your practice's vaccine procurement processLearn from one practice’s innovative approach to successful vaccine management to improve patient care.
New pneumococcal vaccine may fight all strains of diseaseTraditional pneumococcal vaccines can fight up to 23 of the most dangerous strains of pneumococcus, but a new vaccine may be able to fight all 90 strains.
Researchers advance tests of ‘promising’ chlamydia vaccineA Canadian team is moving forward in advanced animal trials to test what could be the first successful vaccine against chlamydia.