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Data Shows Nonmedical Vaccine Exemption Rates StabilizingNonmedical exemption rates for childhood vaccinations appear to have hit a plateau.
Majority of Adults Are Unaware of Recommended Adult VaccinesLess than 3 in 10 adults know they need vaccinations, which leads to low vaccination rates.
Flu Vaccine Could Provide Long-Lasting ProtectionA flu vaccine that is effective for several years is showing promise.
Oral HPV Infects 1 in 9 men in AmericaEleven million American men have oral human papillomavirus infections, which can lead to head and neck cancer.
Measles Incidence in United States Remains, But Need to Vaccinate Stays HighMeasles is still very rare in the United States, but most cases involved either someone who was not vaccinated or whose status is unknown.
Fewer Women, Including Those Who Aren't Vaccinated, Are Getting HPVThe use of the HPV vaccine may be creating herd immunity, protecting unvaccinated women.
Study Finds Parents of Teens Don't Know Vaccination SchedulesParents of teenagers are often unaware that their teen children have not had all the vaccinations they need.
Small Drops in Vaccination Rates Could Cause Big Increases in Health-Care CostsA 5% drop in MMR vaccine use could lead to as much as $4.1 million in health-care costs.
New Health-Care Bills Could Mean Big Cuts to Immunization FundingHealth-care plans in the Senate include repealing the Prevention and Public Health Fund.
New Study Shows Pharmacists-Involvement Can Dramatically Improve Vaccination RatesWhen pharmacists know a patients’ vaccination histories, vaccination rates go up.