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Telehealth as a competitive edge, not a competitor's advantageRather than presenting a challenge to small medical practices, telemedicine can present an opportunity.
DIY TelemedicineThe policies, technology, security, and reimbursement guidelines a practice needs in place to make telemedicine work
How to select the right telemedicine vendorAs more practices consider offering telemedicine, both the big picture and the small details matter.
Telemedicine licensure and related challenges for physiciansHealthcare providers engaged in providing telemedicine services must carefully navigate numerous regulatory obstacles.
Adding more ‘screen time’ for physicians must come with cautionTechnology has the power to connect, but also the power to divide, as physicians well know.
Diabetes Management and the Promise of Telemedicine
Diabetes Management and the Promise of TelemedicineCould telemedicine be the answer to diabetes management problems?
A revealing study shows what happens when urban Medicaid patients are offered complimentary rideshares to their primary care appointment.
Tips for physicians to improve their lives and careersAlexi Nazem, MD, MBA is chief executive officer and cofounder of Nomad Health, a healthcare technology startup designed to connect freelance physicians with locum tenens work. We spoke with Nazem about physicians seeking new ways to work in the medical practice
A new survey from Sage Growth Partners offers new ideas on executives’ application and adoption of telemedicine technology.
Survey reveals why 2018 will be the year for telemedicine