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Physician burnout

Physician volunteer programs can revive your passion for medicine, while boosting your careerWith changing requirements and regulations, it’s easy for physicians to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks. One way to break free of that daily grind is to volunteer your medical services.
Dearth of primary care students not a surpriseA reader comments on the difficulties of practicing primary care medicine in today's healthcare system.
Three steps primary care physicians need to take before switching careersWith heavy patient loads and uncertainty surrounding health reform, it’s not surprising that many physicians occasionally feel overwhelmed or burnout. But for those looking to make a radical career change away from primary care, Physician Executive Coach Ashley Wendel, MA, CMC, PDC, says they should first consider their options.
Three reasons why integrating behavioral health services may benefit your primary care practiceMore than 70% of primary care visits are related to psychosocial issues, including anxiety and depression. Although few primary care physicians currently have the resources to help patients address those issues, a new program may show that investing in those services is worthwhile both for the provider and the patient.
Can you still find joy in primary care practice?Burnout and dissatisfaction are all-too-common among primary care physicians, but some practices have found ways to make medicine enjoyable again.