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A New Year's hope for physicians battling burnout
A New Year's hope for physicians battling burnoutA new year is upon us, so it is time for the obligatory New Year resolutions. However, since I am terrible at keeping resolutions, here is at least one thing I hope to work on for 2018: I want to grieve better.
The true power of medicine
The true power of medicineThe best physicians heal their patients, but in turn, heal themselves and face the depths of human vulnerability and suffering, pursuing a meaning much greater than themselves.
Putting process over patients continues to hurt healthcare
Putting process over patients continues to hurt healthcare American ingenuity in healthcare over the last two decades has caused a number of problems in dire need of solutions.
The paradox in American healthcare
The paradox in American healthcareOur medical care system works poorly for most chronic medical illnesses and it costs far too much.
Patients can enter your practice with a variety of fears regarding their vision problems. Benjamin P. Casella, OD, FAAO, and chief optometric editor of Optometry Times, explains the importance of quelling patients' fears and making them comfortable during their exam.
How Pharmacists Are Helping Hep C Patients
How Pharmacists Are Helping Hep C PatientsA Walgreens study found that pharmacist collaboration helps Hep C patients with better outcomes and cheaper co-pays.
Payers’ biggest concerns for 2018, health insurance exchange participation plans, and how offerings could change.
Times are changing, and the amount of information coming at us from all directions can easily be overwhelming. This information—whether true or false—is unrelenting and has increased in magnitude over the past five years. Part of it may be the natural progression of one’s career and the expansion of one’s network, but most of it is just the sheer volume that is at our fingertips.
Administrative costs are a huge burden in healthcare, but there are several process changes that can result in huge savings.
Pharmacists Increase Vaccination Rates
Pharmacists Increase Vaccination RatesHow pharmacists are helping to push vital health efforts.