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opioid crisis

Penalizing doctors for pharma ties is a misguided overreach of powerSometimes when trying to fix one problem, you end up creating many, many more.
Innovative solutions for tackling the opioid crisis
Innovative solutions for tackling the opioid crisisThe skyrocketing number of Americans dying from opioid overdoses has physicians, public health officials and politicians scrambling for ways to stem the epidemic.
Like the road to hell, the road to the opioid crisis was paved with good intentions.
This is how not to do healthcare
This is how not to do healthcare It’s time for practical physicians and entrepreneurs to fight for real reform, with low cost direct care for relatively inexpensive outpatient care.
Director of medication safety and quality for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists shares how providers can better work with pharmacists to address the opioid epidemic.
As the opioid epidemic rages, doctors and hospitals should consider these tips and strategies employed by other organizations.
Shocking opioid overdose statistics make it crucial to address the epidemic. Here are four programs to watch
Successful community initiatives are creating systems of care that bridge multiple programs to provide coordinated services to individuals with substance use disorders. Here are five.
Overprescribing by just one practitioner can lead to an untoward outcome that may readily affect the entire healthcare facility.
The Opioid Epidemic: Well, It Ain’t My fault … Maybe?The opioid crisis? There is enough blame to go around.