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CMS pay-for-performance measures flawed
CMS pay-for-performance measures flawedThis problem represents yet one more example of CMS’ ill-advised attempts to dictate what transpires in the course of the doctor-patient encounter.
How EHR capabilities will affect Medicare quality payRegulators are providing flexibility when it comes to system upgrades, but functionality questions remain
Value-based Rx: How physicians can manage affordability, adherence
Value-based Rx: How physicians can manage affordability, adherenceFor doctors, the price of prescription drugs used to be largely a medical concern: Patients wouldn’t get better if they couldn’t afford to fill their prescriptions. But with Medicare’s growing emphasis on value-based care, many physicians now also have a financial stake in ensuring that patients can pay for the medications they need.
This is why listing healthcare prices as a menu is dumb
This is why listing healthcare prices as a menu is dumbProviding healthcare pricing is important, but listing them in the form of a static menu is not helpful.
6 considerations before joining an APMChances are, many independent medical practices are participating in Medicare’s Quality Payment Program through the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) in 2017.
Fighting Back: Top tips for physicians to take on value-based careCome out swinging for patients.
8 ways doctors can save money on individual disability insuranceThere are ways doctors can save significant money on occupation disability insurance.
Top 7 tips for small practices to invest in technologyNew tools can help grow or run a practice, but be sure they also help the bottom line
Easy tips for physicians to reduce billing errorsUp to 80% of all medical bills contain mistakes, so what can be done to fix this problem?
Simple tips to rein in rising consumer collection costsHow to optimize the revenue cycle with comprehensive patient communication strategies