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Tips to retain clinical talent through high-performance teamsIn the complicated healthcare system in the U.S., one thing remains clear: retaining the clinical talent needed to deliver high-quality patient care is essential.
Coding Case Study: Documenting and coding asthmaIn our Coding Case Studies, we will explore the correct coding for a specific condition based on a hypothetical clinical scenario.
How to utilize a sophisticated medical risk model in estate planningJust as the medical profession strives to manage health and disease risks to ensure sound health, the estate planning profession strives to manage risks to ensure a client and his or her family's financial health and wellbeing.
Top 10 metros doctors get the biggest pay raises
Top 10 metros doctors get the biggest pay raisesRead on to find out the top 10 metros physicians get the biggest pay raises.
3 tips to take denials management processes to the next levelAlthough these numbers are common and, most likely, first-hand knowledge among providers, they continue to frustrate medical practices year after year.
Why is there a problem with upcoding and overbilling?The Overbilling Conundrum.
Strengthening revenue cycle performanceAs practices face the daunting task of implementing the infrastructure needed to meet new value-based care objectives while simultaneously juggling business-as-usual, every minute and each investment matters.
Why your practice should look beyond the 401(k)When saving for retirement, it's important to consider all available retirement savings plans and how each aligns with your job, lifestyle and vision for retirement. For physicians, that may mean looking beyond the standard 401(k) to another type of qualified retirement plan that offers more uniquely suited benefits., such as a cash balance plan.
Top 10 most in demand metros for physicians
Top 10 most in demand metros for physiciansA new study has found that there was significant job growth for physicians in 2017 by analyzing 20 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.
The paradox in American healthcare
The paradox in American healthcareOur medical care system works poorly for most chronic medical illnesses and it costs far too much.