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Judge says apologies can't be used in malpractice suits
Judge says apologies can't be used in malpractice suitsThe Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled that an apology by a medical provider that includes an admission of liability cannot be admitted as evidence in a civil lawsuit against the provider.
Physician reaction mixed to medical malpractice billAfter years of trying, Republicans in Congress may finally be making headway about placing limits on noneconomic damages in some malpractice cases.
Easy strategies to pick the right malpractice protectionThe wrong malpractice coverage can cost physicians
This is how doctors can avoid malpractice suitsMy hobbies are scrapbooking and journaling every single medical decision I have ever made after I got sued two years ago.
Lessons learned from reviewing malpractice casesDocument, document and document some more.
Wrong-site surgeries are preventable. In this article, Dr. Goldberg outlines a few measures.
Over the past few years, progress has clearly been made with regard to the professional liability crisis.
Malpractice reforms could ease physician burdensFor physicians tired of working under the constant threat of a malpractice suit, the signs of positive change are encouraging.
Tips for physicians to purchase the right malpractice insuranceWhat physicians must know when shopping for coverage
Dr. Derm recently performed a fairly simple excision, discussed blood thinners, but failed to ask his patient about “natural” herbal intake. The patient did not take any prescription blood thinners, but did take high daily dosages of garlic and ginkgo. A lawsuit was brought against Dr. Derm. Can he really have liability for all the things people ingest these days?