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Here are five new advances in disease management—including promising treatments in the pipeline.
FDA okayed the marketing of a new continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetics—the first to be used as part of an integrated system with other compatible medical devices and electronic interfaces.
Diabetes Management and the Promise of Telemedicine
Diabetes Management and the Promise of TelemedicineCould telemedicine be the answer to diabetes management problems?
Bovine Insulin Is Being DiscontinuedPatients will soon have one less option when selecting insulin.
FDA okays the first short-acting insulin approved as a “follow-on” product.
Adult Patients Could Be Misdiagnosed with Wrong Form of DiabetesType 1 diabetes can present in adults, which can lead to misdiagnosis and unsuccessful treatment.
Insulin Drug Prices Are on the Rise and States Want AnswersSeveral state attorneys general are asking pointed questions about why insulin prices are rising.
Neuroimaging can help ODs better treat patients with possible tumor, vascular disorder, or demyelinating disease. CT scans are used for bone fractures and vascular disorders as well as orbital and pituitary tumors. MRIs are best gliomas and menigiomas and screening for vascular disorders. Communicate to radiology patient history and what you are trying to rule out when ordering tests.
ISMP Issues Alert, Urges Pharmacist Intervention
ISMP Issues Alert, Urges Pharmacist InterventionDiabetes patients are making fatal errors with their insulin pens—pharmacists can help.
More education is needed for diabetic patients after a patient died from incorrectly using an insulin pen, according to a new warning from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.