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ICD-10 diaries

ICD-10: Know what to expect in 2016Stay on top of your ICD-10 training, as denials from private payers will likely increase well before next October.
Keeping up with ICD-10 educationStaying up to speed with the ICD-10 coding system will take a little continuing education at your medical practice.
Correctly coding to prevent ICD-10 denialsHere are four strategies to make sure the wrong ICD-10 code doesn't mean a payer denial.
Dealing with ICD-10-related payment delaysNo matter how prepared your practice is, some payment delays due to the ICD-10 coding transition will happen. Here's how to keep them under control.
ICD-10: More frustration than chaos for physiciansWe asked the physicians in our ICD-10 Diary project about their impressions of the coding transition after two months.
What the ICD-10 transition has taught mePhysicians share the lingering effects of the coding transition as things still appear smoother than most expected.
15 humorous holiday ICD-10 codesThe holidays are upon us, so it's time for physicians to brush up on some ICD-10 codes they could see come through the door this festive season.
Lessons learned from the ICD-10 transitionWe asked our ICD-10 Diary physicians to weigh in on the pros and cons of the new code set. Here's what they said.
Minor nuisances, but no major issues with ICD-10Forty-five days after ICD-10 became a reality, small annoyances seem to be outweighing large payment problems, according to our latest ICD-10 Diary entries.
Physicians locked into ICD-10, but codes may miss the markClaims are being accepted, but some physicians wonder if they are accurately reflecting diagnoses in this week's ICD-10 Diary entries.