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DAAs aid treatment of hepatitis C patients with cancerDirect-acting antiviral agents can be safely administered with chemotherapy in patients with hepatitis C virus, according to new research.
DAA treatment restricted for Canadian hepatitis C patientsPatients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Canada are limited in their access to direct-acting antiviral agents, according to researchers.
Liver distress: Top 10 care and cost concernsThis slide show highlights the top 10 issues we covered this year on managing treatment of patients with HCV infection.
HCV patients on DAAs need hepatitis B testingA test for hepatitis B virus should be done for patients beginning treatment with direct-acting antiviral therapy for their hepatitis C, experts advise.
DAA therapies can reduce overall HCV treatment costsA new study shows all-oral direct-actin antiviral agents for hepatitis C can provide both short- and long-term economic value.
HCV patient cost sharing for DAAs does not make senseInsurance arrangements for direct-acting antivirals, where hepatitis C virus patients share the burden of treatment costs, are ineffective says one researcher.
Path to eradicate HCV goes through people who inject drugsTargeting people who inject drugs may be the pathway to eradication of the hepatitis C virus (HCV), according to a recent review.
Study confirms sofosbuvir-ribavirin works against HCV genotype 2A real-world study confirms the effectiveness and safety of the all-oral combination of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin for treatment of hepatitis C virus GT2 infection.
Alcohol use high among hepatitis C virus patientsU.S. study finds those with HCV three times more likely to drink five or more drinks per day every day vs. those without HCV infections.
HCV core antigen tests a less costly diagnostic optionHCVcAg tests may cost less and improve diagnostic capacity in settings of high hepatitis C virus prevalence, according to new research.