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The growing financial impact of patient satisfaction
The growing financial impact of patient satisfactionWith more healthcare costs being shifted to consumers, they are expecting more from their providers.
A physician’s solution to rising healthcare demandsQualified medical assistants can help primary care practices become more efficient, reduce patient wait times and streamline patient processing, which ultimately increase patient satisfaction.
It’s time to champion healthcare price transparencyHow can we expect to control healthcare spending when the people providing and receiving the service have no information about costs until the bill or payment comes in?
Here’s the answer to fixing healthcare
Here’s the answer to fixing healthcareThe United States Congress failed once again to come up with any meaningful changes in Obamacare
‘Willful neglect’ of Obamacare is unsafe and unacceptablePresident Donald Trump is trying to let Obamacare disintegrate on its own
Your Voice: Time to defeat the ‘system’ to truly improve U.S. healthcareThe time has come that we fire those in Congress, government agencies such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the insurance industry.
8 ways to combat politics in the exam room
8 ways to combat politics in the exam roomIt has been a rough start to 2017 when it comes to politics and healthcare. While no formal studies have been completed, many physicians say political talk with patients is increasing.
Is healthcare a collective right or individual privilege?
Is healthcare a collective right or individual privilege?We, the people, must have an open debate and come to resolution on healthcare: Is it a right or a privilege?
America’s self-inflicted opioid crisis
America’s self-inflicted opioid crisisIn the last few years, drug overdoses led by opioids have become the leading cause of accidental deaths, eclipsing that of automobile crashes and violence.
Physicians, patients must unite for major healthcare changeFor physicians, the main concern isn’t deciphering what a payer—government or commercial—feels is “quality” or collecting the data to prove the metrics are being met. The overarching question is whether this is really good for patients.