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The impact of VBRs on outcomes, VBRs versus other healthcare reimbursement initiatives, and VBR successes and failures. Pfizer’s Robert Popovian, PharmD, weighs in.
How are generic prices changing, how will biosimilars impact costs, and what changes out of Washington should healthcare executives watch? Economics guru Joe Fuhr weighs in.
Biosimilars for Cancer Drugs Move AheadBiosimilar to Herceptin Is Approved and Neulasta biosimilar does well in studies.
Generic Viagra Could Save Patients MillionsBoth Pfizer and Teva have brought out generic versions of Viagra, a boon to the millions of men with erectile dysfunction.
FDA Assists Generic Drugmakers with New GuidancesThe FDA is promoting generic competition and issuing new REMS guidance.
Multistate Generic Lawsuit Expands and Includes ExecutivesA multistate antitrust investigation into generic drug pricing has expanded further.
Report: Medicare Biosimilar Changes Could Save BillionsA change in reimbursement policy for biosimilar drugs could save CMS billions.
FDA Promises Easier Generic Drug ApplicationsThe FDA has issued draft guidances that should ease the way for more generic drugs.
Law Reauthorizes FDA Fees and Increases Access to Generics/BiosimilarsSenate passes FDARA overwhelmingly, ahead of September deadline.
Gottlieb Pushes for Generic Drug AccessBrand name drug companies are "gaming" the system, according to the FDA head.