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More women than ever flocking to med schoolMedical school enrollment has traditionally been dominated by men-until now.
Tips for physicians to improve their lives and careersAlexi Nazem, MD, MBA is chief executive officer and cofounder of Nomad Health, a healthcare technology startup designed to connect freelance physicians with locum tenens work. We spoke with Nazem about physicians seeking new ways to work in the medical practice
How one practice conquered burnoutThree strategies for prevention of burnout
8 ways to reduce physician frustration with the EHRTime spent on EHR data entry instead of interacting with patients is a common complaint from doctors.
Addressing the physician shortage through early mentoringChangeMaker Ira Rubin, MD, and his son, Zachary, discuss the value of reaching out to young people interested in medicine to make today’s students tomorrow’s physicians.
Top DPC mistakes physicians can learn from Brian Forrest, MDIn this podcast, Dr. Forrest highlights the failures he has experienced over the years since starting a DPC practice, and explains how other physicians can learn from his mistakes.
Top 5 ways to ensure DPC success
Top 5 ways to ensure DPC successBecause of his vast knowledge of the novel practice model, we asked Brian Forrest, MD to give us his best advice for physicians who are wanting to start their own DPC practice and be successful
The problem with diploma mills in medicine
The problem with diploma mills in medicinePerils of Replacing Physicians with Non-Physician Providers, Part 2
Top 6 resolutions for physicians in 2018
Top 6 resolutions for physicians in 2018From personal goals to practice improvements, primary care physicians weigh in with their goals for the new year.
9 ways to combat physician suicide
9 ways to combat physician suicidePamela Wible, MD, has dedicated herself to raising awareness about this issue and changing the conditions that lead so many physicians to take their own lives. Here's what Wible says physicians can do about the suicide issue to help themselves and others.