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The relationship between breast cancer risk and the biology of breast density. From the University of California's Breast Cancer Prevention & Treatment series.

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A study examines whether computer-assisted detection on mammography provides sufficient benefit for the cost. Plus: Do first-time pregnancy cesarean deliveries increase the preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies. And, is conventional wisdom surrounding pregnancy and cancer accurate?
Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may lead to more aggressive care for breast cancer, including contralateral prophylactic mastectomies, according to the results of a Canadian retrospective cohort study.
Could alcohol consumption have an impact on breast cancer screening? Plus, how has the HPV vaccine impacted CIN2+ rates. And: Can metformin plus changes in lifestyle mitigate PCOS.
Results of a multi center observational study suggest that testing for a panel of genes may be the wave of the future for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and alter the course of clinical management.
A study examines whether or not the benefits ascribed to mammography have been overstated.
40% of women have dense breast tissue which makes it difficult to detect cancer with mammography. Invenia ABUS automated breast ultrasound helps improve invasive breast cancer detection in dense breast tissue.
A study examines the impact of Obamacare on how much women have to spend for contraceptives. Plus, do smoking and preterm delivery increase the risk of cardiovascular disease? And: Are the benefits of mammograms overblown?
A new study looks at whether or not women with dense breasts require alternative screening methods. Conventional wisdom about reducing salt intake to lower blood pressure may not be correct. What's the impact of breastfeeding on reducing the recurrence of certain breast cancer types.
The high cost of routine mammography in younger women
The USPSTF updated recommendations on mammography have sparked discussion on screening in younger women. Plus, does exposure to gestational diabetes increase risk of autism? What are the implications of genome editing?