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Coding Case Study: Documenting and coding asthmaIn our Coding Case Studies, we will explore the correct coding for a specific condition based on a hypothetical clinical scenario.
Pediatric Asthma: An Update for Pharmacists
Pediatric Asthma: An Update for PharmacistsIn this month's peer-reviewed article, learn more about the illness affecting millions.
For Contemporary Pediatrics, Dr Bobby Lazzara discusses a recent prospective birth cohort study published in Pediatrics that looked at different feeding methods for infants and whether the methods had any link to asthma.
A new study reveals interesting findings about improving the health of pediatric asthma patients and integrated care programs.
While breastfeeding has been thought to decrease children’s risk of developing allergies and asthma, a new study counters that belief.
FDA recently approved a new diabetes medication, as well as a drug to treat severe asthma.
A Canadian study reveals how clinicians may be able to identify whether asthma will develop in patients as young as age one.
Health Apps Could Produce $7 Billion in Savings
Health Apps Could Produce $7 Billion in SavingsThe number of health apps is spiking, but they're also getting better.
The premise is to use a patient’s own genetic information to guide decisions for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and other health conditions.
Children under two years old with signs of atopic dermatitis have an increased risk of developing asthma and food allergies, researchers report in JAMA Pediatrics. And, young children with both early onset atopic dermatitis and a food allergy, have a “very high risk” of developing asthma or allergic rhinitis.