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Exploring the link between atrial fibrillation and type 1 diabetesA recent study may be first of its kind to report association while also highlights an interesting gender difference in patients.
New study: Weight loss results in diabetes remissionU.K. study reveals that individuals who maintain a 10- to 30-pound weight loss might achieve diabetes remission, but U.S. authorities question such strict dieting.
Asthma, diabetes link tied to which diagnosis comes firstAssociation between the diseases “is complex, not just inverse,” according to researchers.
Assisting diabetics through holiday temptationsPhysicians can help patients plan and manage holiday temptation so a few days of indulgence doesn’t turn into a new normal in the new year.
Younger age at menopause linked with increased likelihood of T2DWomen who experienced premature or early menopause were more than twice as likely to have type 2 diabetes, a new study finds.
Glucose self-monitoring unnecessary in non-insulin treated diabeticsA lack of improvement in HbA1c compared with patients who monitor glucose indicates that monitoring should not be routine, according to new research.
HbA1c variability linked to depression in elderlyGood, long-term control of HbA1c may help prevent depressive symptoms in elderly with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.
Telehealth program reduced unneeded diabetic retinopathy referralsA Los Angeles-based program eliminated 14,000 unnecessary visits to specialty care professionals and reduced wait times for patients in need.
Residential lifestyle intervention can reduce costs type 2 diabetes costsImprovements in glycemic control from combined diet and physical activity intervention drove down use of routine medications, according to new study.
Large, early HbA1c reduction lowered risk for CVD events, deathStudy: Achieving stringent HbA1c goals within 6 months of initiating metformin predicted decreased risk.