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Neglecting Baby Boomer patients could have a high priceNew research suggests that just because patients like their provider doesn't mean they will stay with the practice
Evolving your practice to meet quality-based reimbursementThere's no one-size-fit all solution, but there are common strategies practices can take to adapt to value-based programs.
Physicians need immediate relief from patient data disconnectPhysicians’ ongoing struggle to gain much-needed patient data is just that: ongoing.
Regulators focus on reducing physician EHR burdenNational Coordinator Don Rucker on why figuring out system problems is similar to diagnosing a patient’s illness
This is how not to do healthcare
This is how not to do healthcare It’s time for practical physicians and entrepreneurs to fight for real reform, with low cost direct care for relatively inexpensive outpatient care.
Physicians leaving profession over EHRs
Physicians leaving profession over EHRsMany doctors uncomfortable with using the technology are exiting the biz
The definitive guide to sustained patient engagementThe push for value-based healthcare—higher quality, better access, and lower cost—has opened up the door for technology to automate elements of care at a much lower cost.
Does ONC’s latest announcement move interoperability any closer to reality?What the TEFCA announcement means for interoperability and doctors long-term.
Perils of replacing physicians with non-physician providersUnfortunately, the focus on increasing nursing scope of practice has led to several dangerous consequences. The first adverse effect of increased NP production is a decline in bedside nurses, one of the most critical components of our healthcare system.
Are blockchain and AI the keys to unlocking interoperability in healthcare?
Are blockchain and AI the keys to unlocking interoperability in healthcare?. EHRs were intended to be a way to better track health data for hospitals, payers and physicians. Although they have good intentions, they often end up causing more problems than they solve.