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ASK THE EXPERT - BSF and talkmusic teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their vitiligo questions to our panel of dermatology experts. Dr Anton Alexandroff, Dr Dev Shah and Dr Adil Sheraz joined us to give advice and support for coping with vitiligo and the treatment options available. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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Medical Experts

  • Dr Anton Alexandroff

    Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer & British...

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  • Dr Dev Shah

    Consultant Dermatologist

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  • Dr Adil Sheraz

    Consultant Dermatologist - MBBS, BMEDSCI(HONS), MRCP (UK), MRCP ...

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


Eczema treatment for vitiligo?

My husband has severe vitiligo and is Asian so it shows up a lot. He was told by his GP that nothing can be done but I’ve read... magiksen, 21st Jun 2018


Stress and vitiligo

Can vitiligo be directly linked to stress? Vanessa Guest Posts, 21st Jun 2018


Why does it develop?

Why exactly does vitiligo develop? Is it something that I may have done to cause it to develop? Helen Guest Posts, 21st Jun 2018


What's best for my child

My child has vitiligo, do you think it's worth going down the road of skin camouflage treatments or is it best to avoid them? Tx... Guest Posts, 21st Jun 2018



Are there any up and coming vitiligo treatments that will help my skin return to it's original colour? Thank you, Maisie Guest Posts, 21st Jun 2018


Can vitiligo affect my health at all?

I think I am starting to develop vitiligo. I have an appointment with my GP booked in to confirm, but in the meantime can you te... Guest Posts, 21st Jun 2018


Vitiligo treatment for kids

Is there any supplements recommended for Vitiligo? My 7 year old daughter has vitiligo on her hands and feet and she is using Be... Guest Posts, 19th Jun 2018


Graves’ Disease & Vitiligo

Hello from New Orleans, USA. A little history: - I am a 47 year female born in India, residing here for 20 years. - I have bee... anuja2018, 18th Jun 2018

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