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ASK THE EXPERT - BSF and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their questions to our panel of dermatology experts regarding skin cancer and moles. Dr Anton Alexandroff, Dr Juber Hafiji and Dr Nisith Sheth kindly joined us to give us their advice and support. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

British Skin Foundation (BSF) is the only UK charity dedicated to raising funds for skin disease and skin cancer research. Visit the British Skin Foundation charity page to find out more.

Medical Experts

  • Dr Anton Alexandroff

    Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer & British...

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  • Dr Juber Hafiji

    Consultant Dermatologist & BSF spokesperson - MB ChB, FRACP,...

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  • Dr Nisith Sheth

    Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


skin cancer/moles

Hello, Please can you tell me what you have to look out for if you're concerned about a mole that you have on your body? For ins... kittie43, 15th Feb 2018


home remedies for moles

I have quite a few moles that are OK but I would like to get rid of them... what can I use? I have read that rubbing banana ski... weatherm, 15th Feb 2018


thick waxy marks that peel

I have lived in Aus in my 20's when sun protection was not used. Now in my 60's I have a number of small circular dry patches a... suew, 15th Feb 2018



I would be interested in how to recognise when moles change. Thanks xxxxxxxx, 15th Feb 2018


Skin cancer awareness

I have quite dark/tanned Celtic skin but do have a large number of moles. I have had my GP look at any that I think may not be O... Brenda67, 15th Feb 2018


Changes in moles

What do yo need to look out for on your moles to know it's time to see a doctor Frenchygem, 15th Feb 2018


Pale Pink Patches

I have fair skin and auburn hair which burns fairly easily, but I do tan. As a child I remember vividly burning until I blistere... JustJayne01, 15th Feb 2018


Recommended protection

Im pale, with plenty of freckles and moles, Vitamin D deficient. What time of year would you recommend starting using skin care ... clairebybear, 15th Feb 2018


British Skin Foundation - Skin Cancer/Moles

I had a small mole when i was young had it removed now i have noticed the skin is abit rough tekenaar, 15th Feb 2018



What is the difference between a wart and a mole? keljimstock, 15th Feb 2018

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