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Top 6 physician time saversReaders’ top tips for making the most out of a busy practice day.
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders may be a pain in the neck and lead to reduced time in the office, chronic pain, and headaches. If you are experiencing pain, it is important to address it to prevent further injury.
Payers becoming extreme headache for physiciansRead on to find out how physicians have been struggling to deal with payers this year.
Justin Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, discusses practicing optometry in North Dakota and conquering the 200-mile Ragnar Relay in the latest Optometry Times Q&A.
As the DOC Care Access Act, which has the backing of the American Optometric Association and the American Dental Association, continues to gain traction, the conversation will likely become more vocal on all sides.
Political correctness’ collateral damage in healthcareIn all aspects of healthcare, we must be able to listen to, and keep confidential, anything that a patient shares, in whatever form it comes. By the same token, we must be able to communicate frankly and openly with patients conveying the necessary message.
Physicians struggle to manage quality measuresRead on to find out how physicians have been battling quality measures this year.
Top 11 advice physicians would give their younger selves
Top 11 advice physicians would give their younger selvesNo matter the profession, everyone wishes they could go back in time and provide sage wisdom to their younger selves to help ease the path that awaits them.
In Part 5 of his five-part blog series on vision care plan gripes, Carl Spear, OD, MBA, FAAO, discusses how misleading and wrong information can affect patients’ perceptions of your clinical care and practice.
Find out what drives your fellow ODs crazy during the holidays.