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Don't implode EHR use, improve itHealthcare is not returning to paper, so rather than complain about the digital obstacles in their way, physicians should put that energy into meaningful change.
3 dangerous data entry habits to avoidIt's ironic: Experts in health IT concur that a major reason for healthcare systems shifted from paper to digital records was to reduce medical errors, but at the same time research has shown that EHRs actually introduce new kinds of errors.
Is the EHR an ill-conceived obsession?For drugs or medical devices to be approved, there must be evidence that benefit significantly outweighs risk. This is to protect the public. A glaring exception is today's EHRs, which were mandated by the 2009 HITECH Act.
Grading the Trump administration's healthcare initiatives
Grading the Trump administration's healthcare initiativesOne doc's perspective on how the White House has done when it comes to fixing healthcare.
8 ways to reduce physician frustration with the EHRTime spent on EHR data entry instead of interacting with patients is a common complaint from doctors.
Interoperability is a possibility, and closer than some may thinkIndustry insiders share their views of how healthcare is moving steadily toward a connected future.
Addressing the physician shortage through early mentoringChangeMaker Ira Rubin, MD, and his son, Zachary, discuss the value of reaching out to young people interested in medicine to make today’s students tomorrow’s physicians.
Top DPC mistakes physicians can learn from Brian Forrest, MDIn this podcast, Dr. Forrest highlights the failures he has experienced over the years since starting a DPC practice, and explains how other physicians can learn from his mistakes.
Top 5 ways to ensure DPC success
Top 5 ways to ensure DPC successBecause of his vast knowledge of the novel practice model, we asked Brian Forrest, MD to give us his best advice for physicians who are wanting to start their own DPC practice and be successful
Trump administration promotes patient ownership of health data
Trump administration promotes patient ownership of health dataCMS announces a commitment to give patients control of their records.