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Asthma, diabetes link tied to which diagnosis comes firstAssociation between the diseases “is complex, not just inverse,” according to researchers.
Assisting diabetics through holiday temptationsPhysicians can help patients plan and manage holiday temptation so a few days of indulgence doesn’t turn into a new normal in the new year.
Empowering an entire team to prevent burnoutOne Stanford clinic’s democratic approach to patient care has improved outcomes for the entire team.
The three-legged stool approach to physician burnoutTeam-based communication and an emphasis on personal resilience have improved one medical system’s employee engagement by more than 20%.
Physicians shouldn’t underestimate link between diabetes, cancerDiabetes and high BMI were responsible for an estimated 800,000 new cases of cancer worldwide in 2012.
Physicians have more options to provide CVD protection in diabetic patientsGlucose lowering drugs provide additional cardiovascular benefit to patients with diabetes.
Payers becoming extreme headache for physiciansRead on to find out how physicians have been struggling to deal with payers this year.
New program aims to streamline vaccine reporting, administrationA new program developed with the support of CDC aims to streamline vaccine-related functions in EHRs to make administration and reporting easier for clinicians.
New shingles vaccine approved, recommended highly by ACIPThere is a new vaccine against shingles, and ACIP has recommended that it replace its predecessor.
Physicians, patients truly benefit from new hypertension guidelinesDespite skepticism from some physician groups, updated blood pressure guidelines are good for patients and physicians.