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Ensuring Medical Billing Success

By: ChartLogic

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By: AdvancedMD

The delay of the ICD-10 conversion gave many private practices—and their EHR and practice management vendors—the time they needed to prepare for ICD-10.

By: CareCloud

Over 50% of pediatricians spend 10 or more hours on paperwork & administrative activities per week.

By: AdvancedMD

Breaking up is hard to do, even when it is with an EHR vendor. But with thoughtful planning, you can make moving on as smooth as possible.


E-Book: Improving the ROI of your EHR

By: CareCloud

A 2013 study from the University of Michigan School of Public Health finds that practices that implement an EHR without a laser focus on enhancing revenue and cutting costs are likely to lose more than $43,000 over five years.

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By: Kareo

ICD-10 will affect your software, your superbills, your workflow, your documentation, and more. Use this checklist to help your practice ensure a successful transition.

Loudoun Peds

EHR Case Study: Loudoun Pediatric Associates

By: Pulse Systems

Before 2012, all LMG practices were using the same EHR. However, the practices were experiencing significant functionality limitations, and the previous EHR couldn’t support Meaningful Use requirements without a costly upgrade and substantial user training.

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By: Greenway Health

The role technology plays in transitioning your practice to ICD-10 can’t be overstated. Testing that technology and training your staff are also important

By: Soapware

One of the primary challenges healthcare facilities face is understanding how to effectively compile patient data for use with CQM reporting.

Money, Meaningful Use, and ICD-10

By: Cerner

The Black Book Rankings marketing research firm polled roughly 17,000 users for its February 2013 survey. The numbers speak for themselves. Of those polled, anywhere between 17% and 31% of physicians planned to switch their systems.

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