• The Lemon Detox

    The Lemon Detox is a popular short fasting diet/cleanse that embraces the benefits of fasting to naturally cleanse the body of toxins and kickstart weight loss.

    Fasting Diets made easy

    There are lots of reasons why people choose to fast - including for weight loss, cleansing or general long-term health benefits - but whatever the motivation, fasting can still be a challenge, particularly the first time.

    The Lemon Detox aims to make your fasting experience easier, helping you to stick with it and get the most from your effort and dedication!

    How does it work?

    Based on the book The Lemon Detox Diet : Rejuvenation Sensation by Dr KA Beyer, the Lemon Detox involves undertaking short periods of fasting during which you refrain from eating solid foods, and instead simply drink only recommended liquids while you fast.  

    The original Lemon Detox programme is a “full fast” of typically 5-10 consecutive days, during which you abstain from solid foods to let your digestive system have a rest. There are however various flexible versions that go perfectly with, for example, intermittent fasting approaches like the 5:2.

    What are the recommended liquids?

    Keeping well hydrated is essential when you fast.  So during a typical fasting day, you will drink 6 - 8 glasses of the Lemon Detox drink, at least 2 litres of water per day.  A cup or two of herbal tea is also good. 

    What’s in the Lemon Detox Drink?

    The Lemon Detox drink is made by simply mixing – the essential ingredient – with fresh lemon juice, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  100% natural ingredients that, together, provide the body with an ideal balance of nutrients and energy while it is fasting, and help to quickly satiate any hunger pangs.  Making fasting easier.


    Overall Rating: 4.4/5


Initially I was sceptical that ‘The Lemon Detox’ would work and thought the taste of lemon would be quite strong, to my relief the taste was actually quite neutral. Day One was very hard for me, not for the fact that no food would be consumed, but by the splitting headache that is listed as one of the side effects of the detox. This faded slightly on Day Two. The hunger was not an issue as I generally follow the 16:8 fasting diet. By Day Three the headache had passed and I felt lighter. I don’t know how much weight was lost over the five days as I do not have a set of scales. My clothes did and still do feel loser though, which is a good sign that the detox worked. Days Four and Five I found very difficult as I was back at work and found it very difficult to concentrate.

Overall, I would recommend this detox diet to all. However, whilst at work, I think the ‘Spanish’ version would suit me better. I will definitely repeat the full detox, but I will make sure that I am on holiday and have no other commitments, so that I can make sure there are no distractions or temptations, in order to get the best from ‘The Lemon Detox’.  

Sarah (Feb 19)


I found my Lemon Detox Diet to be very successful. For the past few months I practice intermittent fasting 16/8, 5 days a week with superb results, so I was very excited to try this type of full fasting detox. I have to say I was also curious as to whether I be able to last without food for few days in a row. To my surprise I did and first few days were not hard or challenging at all and I did not feel any hunger. I started my Lemon Detox on first Monday straight after receiving it. Well I stopped eating on Monday but started using Tree Syrup on Tuesday. The reason for it is that I realized on Monday after getting to work that I should read little book first to make sure no mistakes are made. So on Monday I only drank water and green tea.

My proper non-food detox lasted 9 days in total, the 2x500ml tree syrup lasted me for 8 days, every day I drank just over 2 litres of it. The taste of it did bother me slightly on the first day as it tasted like sweetened Ayahuasca, but next day I was fine with it also because I started adding in cayenne pepper which altered the taste slightly. 

I have not experienced the process as book suggested most people do - contrary to them my first few days without food were very easy and enjoyable, it got harder after the 5th day when I noticed I started getting angry for not being able to cook (which I love doing) or eat what I want. I have to point out though it did not feel like a physical hunger as I was not hungry, it was more psychological. Nevertheless, I did not want to spoil my experience after already going so many days without it. My bowel movements basically stopped on Monday. On Friday I had two enemas to make sure all is cleared. Nothing seemed to be stuck but thinking about it now this should have been done a few days earlier... like Tuesday, Wednesday the latest and perhaps repeated on Saturday.

On the Tue and Wed (1st and 2nd day on the lemon detox, and 2nd and 3rd day without food) I felt very sleepy and lacking energy. It all gone on the following day. 

I generally eat and drink healthy, also stopped drinking alcohol 6 months ago so perhaps did not have much toxins in me to shed and I have personally not experienced mentioned in the book detoxification process, skin clearing, headaches, boosts in energy at the later stage etc. but saying that I definitely felt and still do feel very good AFTER my Lemon Detox stopped. I feel lighter, healthier in my body and filled with higher vibrations than before. My bowel movement also improved so thumbs up. Also worth adding that after the detox finished it seems like my skin started to break out and face skin started shedding. Perhaps my detox started much later than booklet suggested what most people experience? When my detox finished I lost 2.6 kg of weight in total.

Was it worth it? Definitely. Am I pleased I've done it? Absolutely. If only everyone took care of their bodies and go through healthy fasting detox like Lemon Detox, once or twice a year we would have much much much healthier nation.

I rate Lemon Detox Diet 4 out of 5 stars. The reason for 4 not 5 stars is that I only had enough Tree Syrup to last me a week and I think if detox lasted 2 weeks as the booklet suggested the benefits would have much bigger impact on body and mind and be more noticeable.

Candy (Feb 19)


The book was very handy and loads of great information; I found myself referring back when I needed encouragement. The mixture is really easy to make up and once you find the right balance of lemon and cayenne pepper it’s a really nice refreshing drink. I preferred mine as a hot drink.

I used the detox for 5 days and although it had very little effect on my weight, I really felt great. My energy levels were better than they have been for years and my sleep was a solid 8 hours unbroken. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have problems with energy, sleep and pain but I definitely noticed an improvement in my body and mood.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to kick start a health diet or someone like me who suffers from pain and sleep disorders. Once you find the right way to take the mixture for you and ignore food cravings the detox is really easy to follow. I only wanted to eat around normal meal times so I managed to keep busy because I wasn’t actually hungry.

Rachel (Jan 19)


Firstly I was a bit dubious of this and the claims of the massive amount of weight loss that could be achieved in a short space of time but having read the book it makes sense. I was also worried about being extremely hungry whilst on the detox. 

The first day was fine, second day was difficult and the third day I felt absolutely rubbish but I persevered. Day 4 I was surprised to wake up feeling great and full of energy! It became a lot easier from day 4 onward and as the days went on I noticed my spots clearing up, my skin generally looking healthier and my hair was looking better than normal too. 

I chose not to add cayenne pepper to mine and I thought the drink tasted good with just the syrup and lemon. I ended up doing the detox for 8 days and then had to go for a family meal which is why I stopped. 

I was so impressed though that I have bought some more syrup from Holland and Barratt and intend to have another detox in the run up to summer as I lost 10lb and had a much flatter stomach by the end of it so it would be perfect to try before holidays.

Kim (Jan 19)


This is probably the best hunger suppression product that I have tried so far! It genuinely had a reasonable taste and although at first I was a little bit sceptical I was very pleasantly surprised as the syrup and lemon juice combined well and the addition of cayenne pepper really gave the drink an added zing and warmth that was actually quite palatable to drink. I was very impressed with the product and particularly liked that it is a totally natural ingredient syrup.

In fact it staved off my hunger pangs so well I carried on and did the full ten day detox regime. In addition it also stopped my severe acid reflux symptoms and helped me to have the best sleep I have had in ages with the added bonus that my skin and hair improved too. I did lose some weight as well although I would say by the tenth day I was very much looking forward to stopping the detox. The only downside was that I experienced some tooth sensitivity for a few days afterwards which I assume was from consuming so much lemon juice!

This product would be ideal to use as a kick starter to a diet or detox programme by using it as a meal replacement. It would also work well in a 5:2 diet for the low calorie days too and I very much plan to use it again in order to hopefully lose more weight and as part of a future healthier lifestyle. 

Jenny (Jan 19)


I did the Lemon detox to lose weight and I am delighted after 7 days I have lost over 7lbs!

It was not easy (although the drink is pleasant tasting) and by day 2 I was ready to give up but it actually got easier. I did early on have some headaches and was very hungry but these passed by day 3 (although I did have just one piece of baked white fish some of the days and some melon just to break the monotony). I did drink green and peppermint tea which also helped. I had an outbreak of spots on day 3 but my skin is now clearing up and is the best it has been for years. I am loving the new lease of energy it has given me and my sleep has improved, I also believe it has helped my overall emotional balance as I am pre menopausal and have been experiencing some terrible mood swings so overall would wholeheartedly recommend, although you need to be determined to get through it! One tip I would give is that I cut out all alcohol and bad things in the week leading up to it so it was not such a shock to the system when I got started. 

Bridie (Jan 19)


I have attempted a similar detox diet a few years ago but with not much success. I was a little anxious at the outcome with this one. So I kept it up for 4 days but had to stop after that, the taste in my opinion was awful. Everyone in my house was eating as normal so that didn’t help either, I had a couple of slips (toast and crisps) you have to be so strict and dedicated to it. I lost about 4lb but possibly could of been more without the slips. Awful headaches with it and needing the toilet to empty bowels quite a bit. Its great if you want a short term fix but I would not recommend long term unless your very dedicated to it. Detox diets are clearly not for me as I missed food too much.

Jasmine (Jan 19)


I did 5 days of this program. Here is the summary:

  1. First day start - 87.7kg - fasting is easy, but very terrible headache.
  2. Second day - 85.8kg - very hungry, still horrible headache.
  3. Third day - 84.5 - need ibuprofen from headache.
  4. Fourth day - 84kg - everything ok.
  5. Fifth day- 83kg - smooth last day.

I drunk 1800ml of mix every day, diarrhoea was only after peppermint tea which I have every day once a day.

Julia (Jan 19)


I tried the 5 day Lemon Detox & am pleased to say I lost 6lbs. The product tastes good & is easy to prepare. I had a few headaches on days 2-3 & an unpleasant taste in my mouth, but tried some peppermint tea which helped (as advised in the accompanying book). I did also feel a bit weak for a day or two but started to feel better by around the end of day 3. I must also say that I did feel clearer minded & more energetic - which has been strange to me for a long while! I am unsure if I would try this total fast version again, instead may try one of the alternative versions with a little food 

Tina (Jan19)


Thanks for the opportunity to try this amazing product, frist I was a bit sceptical really, first two days was very hard, but I did it. I feel very tired and hungry, I was very nervous also, but on the third day I wake up full of energy, and I was so happy that I could do the 5 days. I mix the syrup with cayenne peper and a lot of lemon, sometimes with ginger, and I prefer it with ginger, and it becomes a really pleasant to drink . You can drink it hot or cold. After five days I can not say that I have lose many weight (2 kg ), but I feel better and I will do it again next month. I would highly recommended to everyone who want quick and effective detox cleansing.  

Mimmito (Jan 19)



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