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Daughter being left out at school due to eczema!

Postby xklddailoanuytin on Wed May 29, 2019 5:53 am

I was just having a conversation with my daughter the other night about school, not eczema. When she said that a group of girls in her class will not let her play because they will catch her eczema. When I asked why she had not mentioned this before she replied, "Because when they are mean, I stop playing and try and get it out of my mind"! She is 6!

I am completely gutted, I have had a word with the teacher and she has spoken to the children involved, and so far nothing more has been said.

The reason for the post is, | just wanted some advice off any other parents who have had to deal with the same thing! I just feel that people do not understand how hard it is for her to cope with the itching, feeling different and name calling.

Any advice really appreciated.
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Re: Daughter being left out at school due to eczema!

Postby talkhealth on Wed May 29, 2019 1:16 pm

Hi xkiddailoanuytin

Thank you for your recent post. We are sorry to hear about the problems your daughter has been having at school. Please have a look at our free support programme, myeczemachild, which you may find helpful,

Kind regards
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