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25 Year Old Noctouria

Postby jackclegg11 on Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:40 am

As a 25 year old Male, exercise 4 times a week and only moderately drink I would picture myself in very good health. However, Over the last few years I’ve had issues with noctouria.
Firstly this was triggered by stress in my final year of university, but not its part of my life.

I cannot drink anything past 8.30pm in fear that it will distrupt my sleep,
And most nights- prior to bed - I have to go to the toilet several times to ‘fully’ empty my bladder

I’ve had an ultrasound on my bladder which is working completely findZ
Blood tests are all negative to any prostate enlargement indicators.

Hope you can recommend something!

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Re: 25 Year Old Noctouria

Postby Sharon Clovis on Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:19 pm

Dear Jackclegg11,

If you have been properly investigated for obstruction and nothing was found. I would suggest you need to see a specialist who can investigate you further to check for other urological or non urological reasons for your symptoms. It also might be helpful to do a frequency volume chart, how much urine you pass at night, how many times you pass urine and what, how and when you drink fluid. This will clarify whether you are having nocturia (getting up 2 or more times at night) or nocturnal polyuria (passing excessive amounts of urine during the night). Either of these may or may not require intervention. I would also try to alter your fluid intake (not tea/coffee/fizzy fluid) so that you are drinking something every hour of your day (2L), and extra when you excercise, stop drinking 2hrs before bed and try to ensure you are drinking the same amount of fluid each hour. Try this for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference, if it does not ask your GP to refer you for further investigation.
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