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How to express sympathy without receiving a malpractice lawsuitThe conundrum for physicians is how they can express their humanity in this situation without incurring the risk of the patient subsequently attempting to use the physician's statement as evidence of malpractice in a lawsuit.
3 key areas to clarify in an employment contractIn most states, non-compete covenants in physician contracts are enforceable if they are reasonable in their scope and duration.
Top 11 gripes physicians have with patients
Top 11 gripes physicians have with patientsWe asked primary care physicians from around the country what their top gripes with patients have been, and their answers may surprise you—or relate to you wholeheartedly. Read on to find out what they had to say.
Should patients be allowed to record their doctors?Smartphones are transforming professional conversations.
Is end-of-life planning truly necessary?
Is end-of-life planning truly necessary?Do you know what treatments your patients would want if they became seriously or even terminally ill?
Here's how physicians can build the best care teamPracticing high-quality medicine requires collaboration and teamwork, but the first step is to build a talented staff
A physician’s solution to rising healthcare demandsQualified medical assistants can help primary care practices become more efficient, reduce patient wait times and streamline patient processing, which ultimately increase patient satisfaction.
Best ways to boost practice performance
Best ways to boost practice performanceStarting out with clear priorities will help simplify process of finding the right plan, experts advise
Bundled pricing is the only true transparency in healthcare
Bundled pricing is the only true transparency in healthcarePrice transparency is the current and growing buzzword in healthcare.
Are physician incomes falling?
Are physician incomes falling?Physician incomes have been a topic of controversy for years, with physician compensation being criticized as one of the leading causes of high health care costs.