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Becoming the ideal doctor: What do your patients really want?The important differentiating characteristics patients seek in a primary care physician may not be what you'd expect.
How to utilize a sophisticated medical risk model in estate planningJust as the medical profession strives to manage health and disease risks to ensure sound health, the estate planning profession strives to manage risks to ensure a client and his or her family's financial health and wellbeing.
Get great online reviews without violating HIPAAPhysicians have a big challenge when it comes to managing online reviews: HIPAA. Although patients may say whatever they like, doctors are bound by HIPAA not to release certain information, and the lines can be blurry.
Top 10 metros doctors get the biggest pay raises
Top 10 metros doctors get the biggest pay raisesRead on to find out the top 10 metros physicians get the biggest pay raises.
3 tips to take denials management processes to the next levelAlthough these numbers are common and, most likely, first-hand knowledge among providers, they continue to frustrate medical practices year after year.
Neglecting Baby Boomer patients could have a high priceNew research suggests that just because patients like their provider doesn't mean they will stay with the practice
Evolving your practice to meet quality-based reimbursementThere's no one-size-fit all solution, but there are common strategies practices can take to adapt to value-based programs.
Understanding how RVUs benefit independent physiciansThe transition to value-based payments raises an important question: What role, if any, will relative value units (RVUs) play in physician reimbursement in the future?
When an E/M code can be billed with a physical on the same dayClarifying the usage of evaluation and management codes
Why your practice should look beyond the 401(k)When saving for retirement, it's important to consider all available retirement savings plans and how each aligns with your job, lifestyle and vision for retirement. For physicians, that may mean looking beyond the standard 401(k) to another type of qualified retirement plan that offers more uniquely suited benefits., such as a cash balance plan.