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Herbal skin cream found to contain steroids


MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) have warned the general public that a skin cream claiming to be a natural Chinese herbal remedy for treating eczema contains a potentially harmful steroid and should not be used. Zudaifu cream Zudaifu … Continue reading


Living On Steroids


If you follow the news you will have no doubt seen the recent pictures of the magician Dynamo.  He took to social media to show the effects that the steroids used to fight his Crohns Disease, were having on his … Continue reading


EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE … (Apologies to ‘The Police’ and ‘Sting’)



Ok – so, this is my first attempt at blogging! It will probably be best to report on my own experiences and progress with ABPA, and also to bring in accounts/ views of other sufferers of this condition and other … Continue reading


3 Ways To Manage Total Steroid Withdrawal Symptom


Total Steroid Withdrawal Symptom is one of the hardest thing to manage because of the physical, physiological and emotional can be badly affected. Recently I have decided to stop applying steroid totally and I experience Total Steroid Withdrawal Symptom. I … Continue reading


Calls for needle exchange programme for gym users


Calls for needle exchange programme for gym users

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has called for needle exchanges to be established in gyms in order to battle the issue of sharing needles to inject performance-enhancing drugs and cosmetic products. Despite a decrease in new HIV and … Continue reading


5 Common Myths about Treating Eczema


I want to clear the air regarding common misconceptions about eczema. Here are 5 common misconceptions that I hear a lot.  Knowing what’s real will help you to heal! Myth #1: Eczema is a skin disorder: We are so used … Continue reading


Atopy and Ocular Conditions


Why Your Optometrist Should Know That You’re Atopic Before I continue, I would like stress that nothing you read here should cause you to stop using your medications as prescribed. I am not a medical professional and I am not … Continue reading


So much to say, so little time!


Hi all, I’m a mother of four and wife to one! I have a very busy, naturally stressful life and living with eczema is no picnic, let alone the fact that my middle daughter and 10 month old son suffer … Continue reading


2012 here we come


Hi everyone Happy New Year to you all, hope its a healthy one and that the Eczema improves. Well Christmas has now been and gone, did I really run around the supermarket trying not to forget everything with a trolley laden, … Continue reading


Allergy Sufferers Prone To Osteoporosis!


Research reveals that Osteoporosis is one of the major complications of prolonged corticosteroid treatment. Efforts need to be made to minimise the dose of steroid and to reduce the risk factors. 12.2 million allergy sufferers visit their GP’s annually for … Continue reading


The best eczema advice I ever received


I thought I would start my blog post series with one of the best most helpful things anybody has ever said to me about my eczema. It wasn’t told to me by a doctor, or a dermatologist, or even a … Continue reading


First blog


I have had eczema my entire 17 years on this planet. I’ve been through stages where it’s not too bad, and I’ve been through other stages when I literally refuse to leave my house because I’m so ashamed of having … Continue reading