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We’ve had 2 million views – thank you all!


Thank you from

Incredible news, hot off the press. This is just a short blog post because I think it’s pretty cool. You and over two million other allergy and eczema people have read this blog. WOW! Over Two Million people have visiting … Continue reading


Copenhagen with allergies


The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2014 (EAACI)

I am planning a trip to Copenhagen as I’m attending the EAACI Allergy conference in June and so, I have begun the intricate planning which will enable me to travel there safely. The European Academy of Allergy andClinical Immunology 2014 … Continue reading


The Allergy UK Conference 2014 – My top 5


Ruth Holroyd of What Allergy? at the Allergy UK Conference 2014 with Michael Merrett of Allergy Essex.

Last month I was extremely lucky to be able to attend The Allergy UK Annual conference, the first one they have run but hopefully the first of many. The quality of speakers was excellent and I learnt so much my … Continue reading


Delighted to hear that food allergy death is less likely than murder


Allergy death less likely than murder

We really can’t thank Dr Robert Boyle enough for sharing the amazing news that we, the allergic community, are far more likely to die at the hands of a murderer than from a fatal anaphylactic attack. Allergy death less likely … Continue reading


Raising awareness about allergies at the Houses of Parliament


Dr Adam Fox, Consultant Paediatric Allergist

Over a hundred people packed into the Attlee Suite at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 16th October to hear expert speakers discussing trends in the prevalence of allergic disease and the underlying causes, provision of clinical allergy services and … Continue reading


What happened at the Food Allergy & Intolerance Summit 2013 – part one


Waitrose - clearer allergen labelling

If you haven’t already heard of the Food & Drink Innovation Network (FDIN) and their Annual Food Allergy and Intolerance Summit it’s a two day conference aimed at grocery retail and food service companies who want to explore and realise … Continue reading


Are allergies anything to do with your place among siblings?


Me, my sister and my brother

“Are you a fat, tall, allergy-prone leader? Blame your siblings.” No this isn’t meant to be a provocative insult, it’s the promotional heading for an article in the New Scientist this month. “Chance inheritance: The subtle power of birth order” … Continue reading

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