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Sarah Howells was diagnosed with coeliac disease, and simultaneously an overactive thyroid, around ten years ago. She started The Gluten Free Blogger ( to share her experience of living with coeliac disease, and since she had her thyroid removed in December 2010, has also been blogging about that too. If anyone needs any advice on coping with coeliac disease or what to expect post-thyroidectomy, she’s your girl!

Gluten free pizza – great news for those with coeliac disease


If there’s one thing I miss more than noodles and doughnuts, it’s being able to go out for a pizza. So I am very pleased to spread the word that Dominos, Pizza Hut and Prezzo are ALL OFFERING GLUTEN FREE … Continue reading


Coeliac Disease: How to avoid contamination with gluten free toast!


Ok so I wanted to take a few quick moments to share with you the secret to how you can share your gluten-consuming family’s toaster without fear of contamination! Toasters are usually a hazardous looking object for coeliac disease sufferers. … Continue reading


Peppermint tea – great for stomach pains


As all Coeliacs will know, it’s easy for your stomach/intestines to get irritated about something when you have a gluten-intolerance. The gluten damages the villi of your intestine, leaving it weak. Sometimes it’s easy to eat gluten by accident, and … Continue reading


Coeliac disease and osteoporosis: why exercise is so important


I went to see a doctor a little while ago, and she suggested sending me for a DEXA scan, which measures your bone density. Out of however many years (at least ten!?) I have been at the same surgery, she … Continue reading


Coeliac…isn’t that a vegetable?


I am not a fussy eater It is not an allergic reaction No, it isn’t contagious Yes, I can eat potatoes No, I can’t “just try a little bit” These endless questions and assumptions made about coeliac disease can be … Continue reading

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