If you’ve not had the chance to catch up on the latest news this week, here are the latest stories from 12 April.

Fatty Liver Disease in Young People

Experts have warned that high levels of fatty liver disease among young people, caused by being overweight, could be the sign of a public health crisis.

A recent study from Bristol University has found that substantial numbers of 24-year-olds are also affected, putting them at risk of serious later health problems, such as liver cancer, type-2 diabetes and heart attacks.

A&E Waiting Times Reach Record High

NHS England Data reveals that almost 3 million people not dealt with in target time last year, the highest number since records began 16 years ago.

A&E departments are supposed to treat, discharge or transfer 95% of patients within four hours. This new data reveals that 2,978,010 people were not dealt with in the target time last year.

Web Therapy for IBS

Researchers have found that bespoke web or phone-based psychological therapy could help reduce symptoms. The team of scientists from the University of Southampton and King’s College London say their newly designed phone and web-based CBT requires fewer therapist hours and could be made available to more people.

New Cancer Treatment Targets Cancer’s ‘Weak Spots’ 

Scientists have taken cancer apart piece-by-piece to reveal its weaknesses and come up with new ideas for treatment. It has uncovered 600 new cancer vulnerabilities and each could be the target of a new drug.

Researchers hope that these findings will introduce a personalised approach to fighting cancer, by identifying its weak spots and targeting them specifically.

Three-Person Baby Born In Greece

Fertility doctors in Greece and Spain have announced that they have produced a baby from three people. The doctors say this could help couples all over the world and help overcome a woman’s infertility. Experts in the UK have questioned this method, stating it raises ethical questions and shouldn’t have taken place.





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