Those of you that have followed the blog from the start will know how much Rosie loves the Tom Petty tune ‘Freefallin’ (see ). It has become a firm favourite of hers since we discovered at about 11 months old the calming influence it has on her whenever she’s upset. Rosie regularly listens to it and has become so familiar with the tune that on Sunday she decided to have a crack at singing along to it. The video is really cute to watch but more importantly it shows another sign of progress – okay, if you didn’t hear the tune in the background you wouldn’t understand what she’s singing and to many it will just sound like random babbling but she knows exactly when the chorus kicks in and seems to sing in time to the verses. It felt like quite a big step forward in her speech and I couldn’t help feeling really proud listening to her sing along.

I mentioned at the end of my last post (with regards to getting onto her feet) how Rosie will do things when SHE is ready and how SHE wants. Well as expected she hadn’t shown any further interest since getting the new shoes – that was until a couple of days ago when we discovered her, unaided, pushing her weight onto her feet, sticking her bum in the air and balancing on her head. It’s difficult to explain but I got a quick snap (below) that I hope will help visualise it! We’ve never seen her do this before and can only assume it’s her way of experimenting with balance whilst developing confidence to get upright. Maybe the next stage will be onto hands and feet then (hopefully) eventually fully upright. Knowing Rosie she’ll never do it again but it has happened three or four times so we can always hope!

I’ve also included a poster below which I created with the hope it might help towards shifting some common misconceptions associated with Down’s syndrome. If you like the poster please do not hesitate to lift it from the page and share as you wish on Facebook and Twitter etc.

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The Future's Rosie

I'm Tom, a thirty something father to three beautiful children and husband to my soulmate Karen. I started this blog as a means to talk about stuff, get things out in the open, a bit like an online therapy I guess and to celebrate the progress of my beautiful daughter Rosie who was born in March 2011 with Down's Syndrome (DS) and a Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD). Maybe the experiences shared on here will help others too, hopefully help illustrate the bright futures our children with DS will have if we can break down common misconceptions. When I first found out Rosie would be born with DS I found reading literature with open and honest feelings on the subject, extremely helpful. This is not intended to be a written masterpiece and I can promise you it won’t be. I don’t pretend to have a large vocabulary and to be honest the further behind me my school days become the more my grammar has deteriorated!... however, you will find what is written on these pages comes from the heart.

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