Golden girl Dani King has ditched two wheels for one in a bid to become the unicycle queen.

Cyclist Dani – a member of the world-record-breaking Olympics and world championship gold medal winning team – has just revealed her new training technique –unicycle riding.

Dani King, Olympic gold medallist and world champion cyclist

The switch from two wheels to one helps Dani to improve her balance and posture, avoid injuries, and even cut the carbon footprint of her training sessions in preparation for Rio 2016.

Dani’s being advised by physios at healthcare company Bupa on the right posture to avoid strains and pains so she gets the most advantages from streamlining on the unicycle.

She said: “Balance is a vital part of the sport and I’m hoping the unicycling will give me that extra edge come 2016.“

A Bupa spokes-person said: “Dani has become so fast on one wheel that we’ve heard rumours unicycling may be considered as a new Olympic sport.”



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