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Stephanie Stephens
What physicians can do about the rising cost of insulin
Insulin was invented to be affordable for most everyone, but patients continue to struggle for a key part of treating their diabetes.
Diabetes management means PCP, endocrinology partnership
Comprehensive management of a patient's diabetes is much more than prescribing medication.
What primary care should know about prediabetes prevention
Savvy management of prediabetes may help prevent the disease from occurring, says endocrinologist Thomas W. Donner, MD, of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
The role of patient engagement in value-based reimbursement
Better patient engagement means better outcomes, which means better value. Here are six ways more involved patients can boost value-based payments.
Annual wellness visit assists value-based payment goals
Here are five things to know about how a Medicare AWV can assist both patients and practices.
8 strategies to survive value-based reimbursement
Although some healthcare professionals may not welcome value-based reimbursement with open arms, they may to learn to love it later.
One size does not fit all in value-based reimbursement
For small or independent practices to thrive in this healthcare environment, a "big picture" view of value-based reimbursement really helps.
6 ways to prepare staff for value-based reimbursement
Value-based patient care requires the support of an entire practice team, so make sure they understand the new rules of the game.
Get health IT ready for value-based reimbursement
From the vendor for billing and collections software, to an EHR, if physicians have the need to succeed in value-based reimbursement, help is available.
10 questions to ask your EHR vendor to prepare for MIPS
As your practice embraces Medicare payment reform, make sure your technology is ready as well.