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Jordan Rosenfeld
Healthcare billing should look to other industries to improve
Healthcare can learn to streamline billing from payment processing tools used in other industries.
How to fix common billing mistakes
For every billing error, there’s a potentially easy solution.
Reduce technology burden to restore joy for physicians
A recent Mayo Clinic study on physician satisfaction with their EHRs showed that only 36 percent of 6,375 physicians interviewed were satisfied with their use.
How one practice conquered burnout
Three strategies for prevention of burnout
A New taskforce designs a blueprint to prevent physician burnout
Healthcare leaders are working on a nationwide plan to help institutions prevent physician burnout.
Take a lean approach to physician burnout
A methodology that revolutionized the motor industry is being used to prevent physician burnout.
Can artificial intelligence help prevent physician burnout?
Artificial intelligence may improve workflows and reduce tedious tasks contributing to burnout.
Calculating the financial costs of physician burnout
Physician burnout takes a huge toll on the bottom line.
Volunteering as a way to recharge burned-out physicians
One physician’s quest to help others through volunteering has kept him from succumbing to career burnout.
A creative outlet can recharge a burned-out physician
While medicine may be a calling, sometimes an additional outlet is necessary to restore the spirit in the face of burnout.