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Renee Dowling
Understand the role of associated signs and symptoms
How negative answers affect the documentation
Coding case study: Hypertension and obesity
Consider this clinical scenario
Severity element of HPI can be defined in many different ways
An essential part of evaluation and management documentation is HPI
Coding for time vs. E/M elements
Understanding the nuances in E/M coding
Coding Case Study: Documenting and coding asthma
In our Coding Case Studies, we will explore the correct coding for a specific condition based on a hypothetical clinical scenario.
When an E/M code can be billed with a physical on the same day
Clarifying the usage of evaluation and management codes
History of present illness: Duration vs timing
The difference between duration and timing as part of the history of present illness (HPI)
Q: Modifiers 25 and 57 are interchangeable. It just depends on the place of service as to which one should be used. True or False?
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the note must separately substantiate each reported service.
Here's how to code for prolonged services
The correct way to code when evaluation and management is time-based.
Everything doctors need to know about modifier 25
When to bill an office visit (with modifier 25) and a minor procedure.