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Mark Fuerst
Researchers: Hepatitis C virus control needs a public health approach
A new study suggests a public health approach is necessary to control the spread of hepatitis C virus in urban communities.
DAAs safely treat chronic kidney disease in HCV patients
Direct-acting antiviral therapy with sofosbuvir-based combinations safely and effectively treats HCV infection in patients with early-stage chronic kidney disease.
DAAs improve patient and graft survival after liver transplant
Liver transplant outcomes have improved following the introduction of new hepatitis C virus drugs, according to a new study.
Primary care can manage hep C infections with DAAs
Primary care professionals can “substantially expand” HCV treatment in the community, according to new research.
Report highlights critical actions needed to monitor HCV epidemic
A new report highlights key missing elements needed to achieve complete elimination of hepatitis C virus.
Direct-acting antivirals reduce liver cancer risk
A sustained response to direct-acting antivirals lowers the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, a new study finds.
Direct-acting antivirals prevent liver cancer recurrence
New research finds direct-acting antivirals can be given safely to those on liver transplant waitlist.
Sofosbuvir reduces transplant rate in HCV patients
Sofosbuvir-based therapy successfully treats HCV patients with decompensated liver disease, according to a new study.
DAAs dramatically increase HCV cure rates among veterans
The introduction of direct-acting antiviral agents has transformed hepatitis C care among veterans.
Multiple DAAs provide quality care for HCV patients
Multiple oral direct-acting antiviral agents show great promise in treating the vast majority of hepatitis C patients.