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Rachael Zimlich, RN
Ms Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
The FDA has approved pembrolizumab (Keytruda) for treating any solid tumors that exhibit DNA mismatch repair deficiency.
Stakeholders say CMS’ hospital overall star ratings are biased and can unfairly damage the reputations of good hospitals.
Patient prompts can increase flu shot rates nearly 40%
A simple prompt reminding patients of their flu shot was found to be highly effective in a trial run at the University of Pennsylvania.
Early viral infection may contribute to celiac development
Researchers believe a vaccine could be developed to prevent the formation of celiac disease and possibly other autoimmune disorders.
Researchers aren’t certain why adolescent depression rates are on the rise, but they do know that treatment rates are not growing along with increased prevalence, according to a new report.
Pediatricians can help children fleeing to the United States with medical and social needs, as well as acting as their advocate.
Chief experience officers improve the patient experience—and the experience of caregivers.
Researchers target potent HIV antibodies in new study
The newly discovered antibodies can fight nearly every strain of HIV in existence, according to study authors.
Physician groups brace for vaccine questions amid Trump presidency
Between public skepticism on vaccinations and provisions of the American Health Care Act, some representing physicians are voicing concern.
Burnout may seem like a problem seen only in physicians later in their careers, but a recent report shows that burnout can be just as likely in those just beginning their careers.