MGEDT (Men Get Eating Disorders Too)

We exist to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with eating disorders. This is a subject commonly assumed as an issue affected by only females. However, in reality, anyone can suffer irrespective of all age, social background, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and indeed gender. The issue of men and eating disorders is widely under-represented and misunderstood and at present males with eating disorders represent a marginalised group.

As a charity, we aim promote the message that eating disorders are indiscriminate. Our goal is to ease the isolation and secrecy male sufferers experience so they don't feel like 'the only one'. By breaking down this stigma more males are able to recognise their symptoms and seek help when they feel they need it.

The main activities and services we provide include:

  • The use of digital and social media to engage with service users. They do this by telling their stories and writing blogs.
  • Raising awareness in the media, through speaking at conferences and events and national information campaigns.
  • Supporting research studies by recruiting participants to explore and identify the needs and how they can be addressed.
  • Designing and delivering training to professionals, volunteers and others in a supporting role to provide them a greater understanding of the unique issues facing men with eating disorders.
  • The provision of online peer support by helping to facilitate regular live chat sessions and participating in the discussion board.
  • The running of MGEDT's new Peer Support Service involving twice monthly meetings for sufferers and carers living in Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

We exist to provide information and guidance to those affected by male eating disorders. Our primary beneficiary is male sufferers who may not be able to so easily engage with treatment services due to the stigma and stereotypical gender assumptions associated with eating disorders.

Charity No: 1139351

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