Acne Priority Setting Partnership

Did you know that acne receives very little research funding in the UK even though it is one of the commonest skin diseases? At any one time over 3 million teenagers and young adults as well as increasing number of thirty somethings and forty somethings have acne. The lack of funding for acne research wouldn’t be so bad if lots of innovative treatments had become available in recent years but they haven’t. No one really knows what sort of treatments people with acne would prefer because scientists seldom ask them.

For decades it seems that the scientists and clinicians who carry out treatment research have been deciding amongst themselves what questions to answer. They haven’t asked people with acne or those who treat them what they think are the most important topics for research to address. In consequence, a lot of really important questions have probably been forgotten or ignored.

The Acne Priority Setting Partnership was set up to bring together on a level playing field people with acne and those who treat them to first identify and then prioritise unanswered questions about the treatment of acne. The partnership, which is funded by the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network and the Society for Academic Primary Care, is being co-ordinated from the Department of Dermatology at Harrogate District Hospital where consultant dermatologist and leading acne expert, Dr Alison Layton, and her team are based. It is overseen by a Steering Group comprising patient representatives, people who treat acne and experts chosen for their ability to help with specific tasks. The Steering Group is chaired by Lester Firkins, OBE, of the James Lind Alliance which pioneered the interactive process of priority setting that has now become an established part of the National Institute of Health Research’s evidence gathering to justify where research funds are targeted.

The Acne Priority Setting Partnership is committed to delivering a successful priority setting exercise which it is hoped will inform the direction of clinical research in acne for years to come. Its time acne was back on the research map of the UK. To take part or follow their progress, please go to

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